We are the first language center created as a non-profit organization, in Cluj-Napoca, and, possibly, in Romania. Our purpose is to help youth at risk to develop by bettering their language skills and other practical skills along the way (communication, negotiation, collaboration, presentation). We want them to have equal employment opportunities, to become happy and valuable community members, once they leave the child protection system, and we want to do our share by teaching them foreign languages.

The most sought-after foreign language is currently English. This is why we initiated the long-term project ”English for all”, meant for all youth at risk to get free English lessons from the Thesaurus members. Within this project, we also organize various events, such as ”The Sweet English Lesson”, held at Friandise cookie shop, in Cluj-Napoca, in November 2014, for the kids at AFR (the Found Family Association). Next for 2015 is the 1st of May ”Thesaurus Wholesome Brunch” for the kids at Aksza foster home, where we will be joined by special guest Valentina Savu, tehnician nutriționist, creator of wholesome raw recepies (deliciisănătoase.ro) and by volunteers from the local community. We are also launching our ”Add Color!” fundraising campaign for the English bootcamp in October 2015, organized for 30 youth from foster homes and child centers in Cluj-Napoca. More details under Projects.

We support our activities from our own wages, from language courses held to clients, from the 2% and 20% tax redirection, from donations, fundraising projects and from the volunteer work performed by local and international volunteers (such as EVS).

We also hold soft skills trainings, such as data presentation, dress code, or business communication. Moreover, we are present on the translators’ market as well.  In order to support the non-profit community, we offer special discounts to NGOs for all our services Details under What we do.

We invite you to join us as volunteers, supporters, donors, and members! Let’s build a better community by exploring language for youth in need! More details under Get Involved.