„English for all” is the main project of the Thesaurus association. It is our reason of being – that of making foreign languages accessible to youth in need. It serves our main purpose, that of helping give equal opportunities to a better life to all youth and children. We started with English because it is the most sought after on the local market – and it is the life on the market that we are preparing our youth for.

Specifically, we offer, through our long-term project„English for all”, free language lessons (English, for now), to as many children and youth with in the child protection program as possible.

For now, our resources are only enough for a few foster homes in Cluj-Napoca. We have a long-term collaboration with the Found Family Association (AFR), where we teach English on a weekly basis. The expenses related to stationary, transportation, and for holding the lessons in interesting or fun locations (such as the Friandise cookie place), are coveredboth  by the funds raised by the Charity Board members of the Office Depot Service Center, a multinational company operating in Cluj-Napoca, and by the Thesaurus members. We will also start a collaboration with the Aksza foster home on the 1st of May, when they are hosting the Thesaurus Wholesome Brunch, a raw-and-grill event that we are organizing for the Aksza children. We have already discussed the possibility of offering our services to other foster homes in the area, and we are building a strong relationship with as many institutions for youth in need as possible. To find out how you can contribute, by being a volunteer or a supporter of Thesaurus, just click on the Get Involved button.