We had other plans for October 2015 (the English Bootcamp), but an incredible and unexpected opportunity presented itself – we won the project competition organized by the Cluj Community Foundation (Fundația Comunitară) and secured funding that gives the children and youths we work with a rare chance – that of being benefactors instead of beneficiaries of their community resources.

We offered to renovate and paint, together with 25 kids from 4 foster homes and kids centers, with some 20 youths living in the most underprivileged part of Cluj (Pata Rât), and with some incredible volunteers we met along the way, a small but cozy amphitheater that is in the middle of one of Cluj-Napoca’s largest parks (Parcul Mercur). We are currently working with all of these little (and not so little 🙂 ) helpers, in an attempt to make this meeting place one of the most cheerful and pleasant in our city.

This is an open invitation to all the local community to join as visitors, supporters, or volunteers, on the last and most important day of our project, October 24th, 2015, starting with noon, and help the kids and us give our community back this unique space!

Let’s add color and value to the Detunata park! Together! 🙂

Update 27 oct, 2015 – The soul of the Detunata park has been restored! You are hereby invited to pay a visit and have a great time at the upgraded amphitheater :). The feedback so far, from the local community, has been absolutely outstanding!