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be a volunteer teaching assistant – in order to cover as many foster homes and institutions that work with children under the child protection services, we need all the people and all the resources we can get. If you know any Enligh or any other foreign language that you think might be useful to these children once they leave the child protection system, and if you are willing to spent 1 hour per week putting all your heart in volunteer work, you are certainly the one! Get in touch by email or call (phone no. under Contact) and we’ll tell you all you need to know to help us build a better community!


be a special guest star on an English lesson – the youth we work with need all the role models they can get! In fact, that is the one thing they want the most! So if you would really like to help out but do not have the time to make a long term commitment right now, you can be a “special guest star” on one of our English lessons, and just spend as much time as you feel comfortable playing a game, sharing your own experience, or just getting to know the kids! They will love it and so will you! Get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting :).


be a Thesaurus volunteer event planner – if event planning is your thing, and you’d like to put your skills into the service of youth in need, help us organize outdoor activities, bootcamps, and fundraising events, for the children we work with.


be a volunteer Thesaurus fundraiser – if your power of persuasion is matched only by your willingness to give back to the community, you can get involved in our fundraising projects and help us teach more children English faster.


make a donation – the children, during our foreign language classes, need everything from books, stationary, food, and transportation. If you think getting involved in this area of our work is a good idea, then you can buy any of the above yourself (you can call or email up-front to get the specifics) or make a donation to Thesaurus for a specific activity, project or event. Or just make a donation for all our activities. The possibilities are endless.


give the 2% to Thesaurus – fill in the form that allows 2% of the taxes taken by the state to be redirected toward our association. You can help our children win at no expense from your part.


be a Thesaurus supporter– commit to a 1 RON/month minimum donation fee, and support our activities with the children, get our newsletter on current progress and events, you can get involved in whatever activities are more suitable for you, and just help us raise our community’s quality of life!
The Thesaurus account is RO93BTRLRONCRT0283121001. Donations should be made out to Asociația Thesaurus Training-Translation.
Thank you!
You can also donate to our PayPal account, just by pressing the button below.