Our Projects

  • English for all

    „English for all” is the main project of the Thesaurus association. It is our reason of being – that of making foreign languages accessible to youth in need. It serves our main purpose, that of helping give equal opportunities to a better life to all youth and children. We started with English because it is […]

  • Add color, add value, to the Detunata Park – October 16-24, 2015

    We had other plans for October 2015 (the English Bootcamp), but an incredible and unexpected opportunity presented itself – we won the project competition organized by the Cluj Community Foundation (Fundația Comunitară) and secured funding that gives the children and youths we work with a rare chance – that of being benefactors instead of beneficiaries […]

  • Add color!

    Our major 2015/2016 fundraising project, „Add color, add value!”, is meant to show that by our powers combined we can add joy, enthusiasm, a will to succeed, and a few language and practical skills – in a few words, add color, to the lives of the youth we work with. It is actually an open […]